Part 1: Shifting Your Mindset

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Part 1: Shifting Your Mindset

Understanding The Right Time, Moving Roadblocks and How to be Ready for Your Downsize

Are you an Empty Nester looking to Downsize
from the family home?
Do you need to declutter and don’t know where to begin?
Are you finding the thought of a downsize insurmountable and need some support to get started?
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This course is designed as the first step of a 3-part program focusing on improving your mindset and can be completed independently or as a pre-requisite to Part 2 and Part 3 for the full ‘Rightsize Your Home’ program.

Rightsize Your Home Part 1: Shifting Your Mindset will help you understand where you are currently at and help you move through any overwhelming thoughts that may be stopping you from moving forward. You will also begin to plan and feel more excited about your next chapter!

I use all my insights gathered from research and practical experience over the last decade to help downsizers feel more confident and in control of their downsizing journey.

You will learn about;

  • The Right Time to Downsize,
  • How to Remove Roadblocks, and
  • 7 Secrets To Enjoying Moving From The Family Home

What are you waiting for?


“Once you believe in yourself, understand you’re doing the RIGHT thing, the project becomes a purely logistical process”. 
Belinda Woolrych